UW2A [Under Water To Air] Water Rocket
Test Date : Sat 14 Sept 2002

Just for fun...

We decided to test if UW2A water rocket can be done. This rocket was launched using 'hand-held launcher' (quick-release mechanism).

The rocket used is the standard WR like the one shown in page 1 , page 2 , and page 3 of How to make PET rocket? instructions.

The top part was filled with air to create the buoyancy, which helps WR going upward.

Here is the result.
Here is another launch, but with an angle.

Underwater launch was also tested. Lots of fun. But since we do not have underwater camera. No pictures can be shown here. :-(

Click the picture to see animated gif.

Sequencial pictures of the angle launch.
animated gif
Another vertical launch.

Click the picture to see animated gif.

Next time we will try launching in deeper water using bigger WR.

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